About InterRez© Reservation Front-end

InterRez© can be integrated to your existing website (written in any web language, PHP, ASP, HTML, Java). With this reservation system you DO NOT need to change servers, we will seamlessly "plug-in" and integrate to your existing system. You can change the information on your website by using our exclusive back-office system. Guest will be able to search & book your units online and without any help from your customer support. This will cut down the number of calls and ultimately the number of associates you need.

We provide seamless integration between InterRez© and your site, we can match the look and feel of your site, the information is tightly integrated to give guests a common interface as much as possible. With InterRez© the users don't get popup's and URL changes like you'd experience using other products.

Here are some of the advantages of InterRez© (click on the numbers to view snapshots):

aaa 1- Ability to search database base on date and/or amenities.

2- Show listing of matching units.

3- View unit information page. Show all images, description & rental calendar set by the back-office admin system.

4- Allow guests to view rates in various currencies set by the back-office admin system (option).

5- Calculate rental ledger. This includes rates, rates, taxes, fee and any applicable discounts.

6- Display rental ledger. Show rates, rates, taxes, fees, discounts.

7- Prompt user to enter booking information, i.e. name, address, credit care info, etc...

8- Create Res# & display reservation receipt and prompt guest to print the receipt.

8- E-Mail confirmation email to both you (multiple mailboxes) & the guest.

9- Instantly all the reservation information is available on the InterRez© back-office admin system.

10- Multi-Language web presentation, Web users can choose to view in any of the following languages:
         English, French, Italian, German & Spanish

11- Multi-Currency, Web users can choose to view the costs (Rental/taxes/Fees) in any of the following currency:
       US Dollar, the Euro, Swiss Franc, British Pound (you maintain the exchange rate & may add any currency).

  • »October 2006 - 50% off first 6 months & first month without any obligation.
  • »August 2006 - Released Hotel/Motel Module. Single unit - Multiple calendars.
  • »June 2006 - Released Add-on Module. Let your guest add non-rental items online, i.e. tickets, dinner, grocery, etc..

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