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F A Q - Updated October 2006
Q - Can I add units by myself?
A - Yes! Using eFastBook© Back-Office you can add units, rates, images, amenities without all by few clicks of a mouse. Your units will be online with correct information within seconds.
Q - How many images can I have for each unit?
A - In one word, unlimited! You can upload as many as you like, you can also add captions to be show on top of each image and order them also.
Q - What can I do if one of my amenities is not on your list?
A - We have most if not all amentities. In case we don't have it, you can add the amenity as a "BULLETIN" and also let us know and we will add it on our next release or even as an emergency update to eFastBook©.
Q - What is a "Rate Map"?
A - "Rate Map" is the way you can enter your units' schedule in to the system. You can choose from 6 seprate rate schedule for each unit. For example, since January 1st is a PRIME date and you'd want to charge the PRIME rate for rentals, you would enter a "P" for January 1st. It usually takes about 1/2 hour to setup your Rate Map.
Q - How hard is it to setup nightly rates?
A - Once you setup your "Rate Map" for the year, it takse less than 1 minute to setup the rates for any unit.
Q - How does the specials/discount work?
A - You can setup rates based on multiple criterias. Specials have START DATE & END DATE determining to determine the date range, you can limit the special with MIN # OF NIGHTS and how much the guest should be discounte (percentage or full amount). You can also limit specials not to be applied if on weekend and/or holidays and/or other any blockout dates you enter.
Another feature is you can have specials based on a COUPON#, guests will ONLY recieve the discount once they enter the COUPON#, this is useful for printed ads.
Q - How do I setup fees or taxes for each unit?
A - You can enter ALL the taxes and fees in to the system and once completed, you can create a unique tax/fee table for each unit. You can have different tax rates and fees for each unit.
Q - Can I setup fees based on certain criteria?
A - Yes. You can setup fees by amount or percentage based on any of the following criteria:
  • Always Apply the fee
  • Aplly only if guest is traveling with pets (if applicable)
  • Aplly only if guest bringin a boat
  • Aplly only if guest is owner's guest (may have 100% discount but charge for cleaning fee, etc)
  • Aplly only if guest has selected the MAID SERVICE (if applicable)
  • Aplly only if guest paying with a credit card
  • Aplly only if guest paying with a check
  • Aplly only if guest paying with a eCheck
  • Aplly per person only if party is over certain number
  • Aplly only if reservation days is over certain number
  • Aplly only if reservation days is under certain number
  • Aplly only if guest purchased TRAVEL INSURANCE (if applicable)
  • Aplly only if guest purchased DAMAGE INSURANCE (if applicable)

Above criteria can easily handle any fee based on any criteria.
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