About InterRez© Admin Back-end

You can logon to through the back-end of the system to administer your properties. Here are some of the actions available to you (click on the numbers to view snapshots):

1- No need for dedicated server.

2- Setup one unit for each Motel/Hotel unit type but have different calendars.

3- Secure logon using your login name and password

4- View all your properties along with daily status in one page

5-Add/Delete/Update properties

6- Set amenities for each property.

7- Upload images for each property. 2nd Snapshot

8- Easily set nightly rental Rates for each property.

9- Create & maintain Nightly Rate Table.

10- Create Specials & Discounts and be active in seconds.

11- Create important reservation information in seconds.

12- Search all reservation by any field.  Search by RES#, CC#, Guest,`Dates, etc...

13- Calendar view of reservations by dates reserved, arrival or departure dates.

14- Competence reports. i.e. Cabin Month Report, Cleaning Report.

15- Guest/Owner/Cleaners/Reservation Maintenance Modules

16- Email Directions & other vital information to Guests

17- Set & maintain your company information.

18- Set & maintain tax & other rate information.

19- Ability to book combined units (units close to each other) as a group or singles with integrated calendars.

20- Send WELCOME email to guests containing important information prior to arrival.
  • »October 2006 - 50% off first 6 months & first month without any obligation.
  • »August 2006 - Released Hotel/Motel Module. Single unit - Multiple calendars.
  • »June 2006 - Released Add-on Module. Let your guest add non-rental items online, i.e. tickets, dinner, grocery, etc..

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